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What are QR Codes?

QR codes, short for Quick Response codes, are two-dimensional barcodes ( a mess of squares in a block!) that contain information arranged in a square grid of black squares on a white background. Originally developed in Japan for tracking automotive parts, QR codes have become widely popular for various applications due to their ability to store large amounts of data and be quickly scanned using a smartphone or other imaging devices.

QR codes can encode various types of data such as text, URLs, contact information, and more. When scanned with a compatible device equipped with a QR code reader or scanner app, the encoded information is quickly available.

How are ParkerBrand using QR codes?

We are using them in our manuals. The ParkerBrand graphic design team, made up of an ex-boxer, a vintage VW enthusiast and a punk rock guitar player (really!) are a talented and busy bunch. They are committed to updating and improving our manuals and are now adding QR codes to the back pages. They look like this:

We know that nearly all of our customers have smartphones equipped with a camera and so can use these QR codes. They link to resources such as instructional video for the machine or equipment that you have. They also link to where spare parts or accessories can be accessed on teh ParkerBrand website. How easy is that? Of course, if you need any help with those things you are welcome to call us on 01507 499198 and speak with a human being, a member of the after care team. I know that's a bit 19th century, but that's ParkerBrand. Using technology blended with old school approaches to look after our customers.

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