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PBV-2600 Leaf Blower: Updated Manual

Typhoon Tony, Cyclone Sally,  Hurricane Harry.... you too could earn your nick-name with the PBV-2600 three-in-one handheld blower. For a hand-held device it really is a powerful beast and has been even more popular this year than last; it's turning into a ParkerBrand classic.    We've recently updated the manual, admittedly it only has some slight changes with additional photographs to aid with assembling your machine but teh clearer the better - we know that you've got work to get done.

You can download your manual here:

PBV-2600 Manual 2021

With a beefy 424 CFM working out at 170mph,  these really do the business with your autumn leaf fall and can even be used to perform some other useful tasks that may surprise you. It principal functions remain the same though

  • BLOWER: Blows leaves at up to 170 mph
  • VACUUM: Collect leaves in the large capacity bag in order to add to your compost
  • MULCHER: An internal metal blade minces your leaves in order to apply directly to your garden beds

Here's to tidy gardens, we know the ParkerBrand PBV-2600 will be a rip roaring success for you.

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