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PCS-6200 Chainsaw: P for Parker, P for Performance!

A Classic Performance Saw

Our PCS-6200 Chainsaw is affectionately known as The Beast down in the Tech workshop. For good reason too; as a chainsaw that thrives on hard work in a domestic setting, its 62CC engine is powerful, hungry and growls!

But don't worry - it's well tamed! The point is that in a domestic range it's as large as you can get before you tip over into the professional arena. It has an some great safety features including the integrated anti-vibration system, fast response chain brake and study bumper spike feature. This means that coupled with your safe practices you'll saw not snore!

What's in The Box?

Have a look at our short unboxing film so that you can get to grips visually with what's included why you buy the robust and reliable PCS-6200 Chainsaw.

You get more than just the saw with ParkerBrand

Yu will see that there is an option to buy with chain oil and two-stroke oil as well - it you don't have them it's a handy way to make sure that all you need to have to get started is some fresh fuel to mix at the 25:1 ration with your free mix bottle.

Optional Bar Sizes

As powerful a combination as the 62cc engine and 20-inch bar is, we know that you may want a smaller bar than our maximum 20-inch (58cm) bar.

We know how useful that is - so the same sized 62cc engine can also be fitted with an 18-ich (45cm) bar and chain combination. If you'd like a bar that touch shorter - perhaps for the combination of power and greater manoeuvrability then we do also have an 16-inch (40cm) bar and chain combination lined up for you. Good stuff - as usual, ParkerBrand have it covered and we truly do know what flexibility means.


We stand by the quality of our machines. None more so than the feisty '62. The best way that we know how to make you realise there is substance behind our word is offering a full two year warranty.

Like all other manufacturers, there are some wear and tear parts that aren't covered for the full period such as the bar and chain, but nothing unexpected and certainly nothing unreasonable at all. Don't worry, that gutsy engine is covered! We work in partnership with Trading Standards through Lincolnshire County Council so you can be sure that we are indeed a responsible family business.


Our after care team get calls from people urgently looking for spare parts from saws made by other companies. We NEVER want that to be a ParkerBrand customer - ever! We stock a wide range of spares for the PCS-6200 as well as for other saws and machines. It's an integral part of being a responsible business and we are sure that you'll agree.

Your machine has real longevity and is made to a high standard. But its always good to know that there are parts therefor whatever reason and we'll make every effort to retain a healthy stock. If you need any help just call or email our Customer Care Team......

Customer Care

We are real people and we've gathered plenty of experience when it comes to looking after people. if you need to contact us for any reason about your machine you can do so twenty-four hours a day via email or on our customer care line. We'll be happy to help you. Be sure of it!

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