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Snow Blowers!

Winter is snow joke! That blanket of snow looks pretty and picture postcard perfect of course, but then....then you need to go out in it. Clearing snow is a bore and a chore when all you want to do is get on without wasting time. Our leaf blowers are the quickest and handiest machines for a quick, easy result when clearing snow.

Snow worries at all about spending ages brushing and scraping away - why not BLOW it a way in no time at all!

The ever handy, light and manoeuvrable hand held blowers are responsive and do the trick. With an out-put of over 180mph these powerful nippers will certainly do the business with their 26cc or 28cc engines.

You can easily:

  • Blow snow from car windscreens and roof
  • Swoosh away snow from motorbikes and mopeds
  • Clear outdoor seating and patio areas of light snow
  • Clear facias, windows and doors.
  • Use your imagination - there are endless applications.

If you wan to get serious, or have large areas to rid of a dusting of snow. Our 65cc petrol leaf blowers are windy beasts indeed! With a whacking 847 CFM out put from a 3.5 horse power engine you are the beast from the east personified (and the North, South and West for that matter).

210 mph for real - have a look at one in some standard leafy action - you'll get results with the shite stuff - snow problem!

If you weren't one of the thousands of people who ordered one of these last Autumn you certainly can now. They are simple to order from the website, or you can call our Customer Care Line directly and one of the team will be happy to help you.

With each machine you will receive everything you need to get started aside from the fuel and two-stroke oil. You can order that from us too if you'd like! All the tubing, a basic toolkit, fuel mix bottle - and us to advise you if you need anything at all!

You can feel truly confident wading in to the snow and leaves knowing you have a two year warranty to back you up! This brilliant hack is one of just many alternative uses for a leaf blower. You can be a walking talking snow blower with a ParkerBrand machine delivered straight to your door. Have we ever had finer blowers? Not Yeti!!!*

*I have been banned from making puns from now on as per the editor. Not punny at all apparently.

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